Saturday, 20 August 2016

Featured Artist: Hayate Hosenji

Some people seem to be natural born artists. I had the very grand pleasure of meeting Hayate Hosenji when he was a young boy. I was lucky enough to stay with the wonderfully creative Hosenji family during my solo journey around Japan over seven years ago.

Without me speaking much Japanese, and without Hayate speaking much English we found a common language - black line and colour! The top middle pic is of a collaborative artwork we made, laughing and colouring madly. Hayate then proceeded to draw a portrait of me (see below). I was awed by his speed and sureness for someone so young.

This young man is one to watch. He's still only in high school. With such talent and his own flare it's so cool to see what he does as he matures. I can imagine some epic urban murals in years to come.

Check out more of Hayate's work here:

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